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Technical Service Tracking Automation

– Dev’d

  • for Rüzgar Bilişim
  • on February 2012

– Powered by

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • CodeIgniter

v1.2.0 Version Notes (updated on: Feb 21, 2012)

– Added to the abilities of Administrator

  • Save and edit forms without sending e-mails
  • Send notification e-mails when the form is edited
  • New attributes are added to the service form
  • Add multiple license numbers

– Fixed

  • Slipped user-interface

v1.1.0 Version Notes (updated on: Feb 15, 2012)

– Added to the abilities of Administrator

  • Edit customer info (including username, password, customer title and -coming from previous version: license no)
  • Edit technical service forms
  • Save edited technical service forms as PDF or HTML
  • Delete customer
  • Delete technical service form

v1.0.0 Version Notes

– Authentication System

  • Administrator of the Technical Service
  • Customers of the Technical Service
  • Both levels of auth system are able to log in with username and password

– Administrators are able to

  • See all the customers
  • Change customers’ information (their unique license code)
  • Add customers
  • Open a technical service form to be billed later for customers
  • See all the technical service forms of customers that were opened before
  • Change his/her own information (including e-mail)
  • Send e-mail to the particular customer that includes technical service form

– Customers are able to

  • See his/her license key
  • See his/her old technical service forms that associated with

– Both user levels are able to

  • Save the technical service form as HTML or PDF document
  • Print the technical service form

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