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I believe it is easier to learn a new language by practicing both speaking and writing. I’m already doing the speaking by myself at home, I thought my blog could be the home to my writing practices. 🙂

Assume you bump into someone:

Excusez-moi! or Pardon!

Ask his/her name:

Excusez-moi, comment est-ce que vous vous appelez?

I’m called Ekin: (They don’t use “I’m Ekin” in French)

Je m’appelle Ekin.

You’re called Tuğçe:

Tu t’appelles Tuğçe.

He’s called Özgür:

Il s’appelle Özgür.

She’s called Sevgi:

Elle s’appelle Sevgi.

We’re called Adana Kebapları:

Nous nous appelons Adana Kebapları.

You’re called Angara Bebeleri:

Vous vous appelez Angara Bebeleri.

They’re called:

Ils / Elles s’appelent.

There are two forms of you in French as well as in English. Tu is for someone we know very well and Vous is for someone we don’t know yet. In Vous form, the verbs end with -ez mostly.

What’s your name?

Comment est-ce que vous vous appelez?

Comment est-ce que tu t’appeles?

Would you like a coffee?

Vous voulez un café?

Tu veux un café?

In French, words usually take an -e ending if they refer to a woman. When words end in -en, then they take -ne ending. So, there are two forms: masculine and feminine.

I am

Je suis

I am Turkish.

Je suis turc. – masculine

Je suis turque. – feminine

Masculine : Feminine

américain : américaine

anglais : anglaise

australien : australienne

espagnol : espagnole

français : française

suisse : suisse

To say where you are from, you say where you come from. So it is an additional de to the end of suis. If the city name starts with a wovel (a, e, o etc.), then de becomes d’ and comes next to the city name. Most city names are same as in English but some are pronounced differently.

I come from

Je suis de

I come from Seattle.

Je suis de Seattle.

I come from Adana.

Je suis d’Adana.

I come from London.

Je suis de Londres.

étre is the verb to be. Its form is irregular, so it changes upon the subject.

I am

Je suis

You are

Tu es

He is

Il est

She is

Elle est

We are

Nous sommes

You are

Vous êtes

They are

Ils / Elles sont

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