Editör v1.0.0

v1.0.0 Version Notes (What is done by me to release first stable version)

– Added

  • creating virtual prices by applying rules.
  • creating manual profit rate over some specified countries.
  • exchanging prices into another currency.
  • applying tax on prices.
  • rounding prices up or down the prices.
  • showing cost list and processed price plan separately.
  • generating excel output in every phase.

– Updated

  • getting of and working with max and min costs coming from operators.
  • applying rules over costs.
  • search engine. Now it is allowed to search by country names, prefixes.

Special Notes

When I took possession of this software, it was far away from creating price plans for the company. I coded until the software works properly. Made many fixes for numerous bugs and added a bunch of new features. Since there’s been almost a year, I could not remember what I have done in this process. Also, since the company agreed with me to develop a whole new version of Editor upon my request, this version of software is junk now. The substructure of this version is not mine but the new version will be my own. So, I’m not interested in remembering what bugs are fixed and what features are added to this version anymore.

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